Straight In. Comic style photo of Nina with a suitcase standing infront of a brick house with a porch.
One straight girl, one gay world

Straight In, is a fresh new, hand drawn, LGBT comic book, set in Toronto and entirely produced in Canada. The storyline revolves around a Straight Girl, recently arrived from the UK, who finds herself settling in to the Big City. Shortly after her arrival, Nina befriends a plethora of off-beat personalities and is thrown head-first into the wild antics, and experiences, of the LGBT community.

Straight In will touch on important issues both cultural and societal, cleverly woven throughout humorous overtones and delivered alongside cheeky one-liners. Straight In provides the perfect opportunity to reach and connect with an LGBT audience, and their allies.

D'Jesse Larsen
Nina Conaty
Brian Russel
Jeff McLaughlin
Nigel Maughan
Heidi Davies
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Meet Your Cast of Characters


She is the center of attention


He’s just here for a good time, not a long time


She likes to go by Sam and hides behind a tough exterior


He doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about


He dropped by for a cup of sugar and never left


Not your typical business man


He keeps your drinking glass filled with fun


Danesh knows how to pick his fights


The girl you don’t want to start a conversation with at a party


He went looking for Max and couldn’t find his way home

Reader Reviews

The Good: I really enjoyed the witty banter and innuendos the characters made throughout the three issues I read.
I liked Agent Undisclothed in particular in terms of storyline and writing; the semi-cheesy but heartfelt and entertaining dialogue paired with well-rendered action scenes made for a great quick read. LGBTQA comic heroes remain in short supply, and so it was very refreshing to read about a queer hero.
For Straight In, I found the pacing and organization of having Nina ‘discover’ . . .