Agent Undisclothed. A mob boss surrounded by two secretaries is sitting at a table. Lou Sampson dressed as a woman is standing beside them and his shadow is pointing a pistol at them.
Heels over head, villains see red

If James Bond and Austin Powers had a son, that would only start to define the incredible abilities of Lou Sampson, The Drag Queen Super Spy of the 70’s. His fighting ability in heels and suave demeanour in a Tuxedo are legendary. Follow the adventures of the most renowned of the Agents Undisclothed (A secret British Spy organization of Poofs).

D'Jesse Larsen
Nina Conaty
Dan Budge
Dan Budge
Dan Budge
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Meet Your Cast of Characters

Lou Sampson

Brains, brawn & brassieres

Monty Moore

Puts the “stiff” in stiff upper lip

Jane Robinson

The real power because she’s got it all organized

Honour Jenkins

A heart of gold in a world of evil

Bruce Green

Rough, gruff & truly believes in making sure you got all the right stuff

Reader Reviews

The story wasn't clear, it didn't make any sense. There is potential but the story needs work. The graphics are deceit. I can't draw so I am impress with anyone who can draw. I did find it hard to see the difference in the drawings of the two ladies. They looked the same sometimes..

I received as a giveaway (Thank you). I entered because the cover reminded me of the manga Eroica. This was not as carefree a narrative, however. The story is a bit disjointed, but that probably smooths down in later issues. It was a somewhat average comic. Black and white, drawn in a realistic style that somehow read "Canadian" to me. (Too much Scott Pilgrim on the part of either the reader or the author, I guess) Ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, obviously leading into a series. Enjoyable, but not . . .

I'll be honest-- I didn't really get this. Fantasy and Action Hero genres aren't my forte but I know I like them semi-based in reality. The idea that a plane door is opened in flight and the fighting characters escape-- yet no one on the plane is harmed and it lands safely was a little far fetched for me. Plus this installment was really short and I wasn't really able to get a grasp on the characters.
The art was really good for the most part. I had to really study a couple of the small 'tight shot' . . .

The Good: I really enjoyed the witty banter and innuendos the characters made throughout the three issues I read.
I liked Agent Undisclothed in particular in terms of storyline and writing; the semi-cheesy but heartfelt and entertaining dialogue paired with well-rendered action scenes made for a great quick read. LGBTQA comic heroes remain in short supply, and so it was very refreshing to read about a queer hero.
For Straight In, I found the pacing and organization of having Nina ‘discover’ . . .