Agent Undisclothed

If James Bond and Austin Powers had a son, that would only start to define the incredible abilities of Lou Sampson, The Drag Queen Super Spy of the 70’s. His fighting ability in heels and suave demeanour in a Tuxedo are legendary. Follow the adventures of the most renowned of the Agents Undisclothed (A secret British Spy organization of Poofs).

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Straight In

Straight In, is a fresh new, hand drawn, LGBT comic book, set in Toronto and entirely produced in Canada. The storyline revolves around a Straight Girl, recently arrived from the UK, who finds herself settling in to the Big City. Shortly after her arrival, Nina befriends a plethora of off-beat personalities and is thrown head-first into the wild antics, and experiences, of the LGBT community.

Straight In will touch on important issues both cultural and societal, cleverly woven throughout humorous overtones and delivered alongside cheeky one-liners. Straight In provides the perfect opportunity to reach and connect with an LGBT audience, and their allies.

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