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Toronto’s 2018 Pride Streetfair

Come and visit us at our wonderful new booth during this years Toronto Pride.

Agent Undisclothed #4: The conclusion to Missionary Impossible will be making it’s debut at our booth at this year’s Pride!

Release & signing party

Agent Undisclothed, Issue 2: Transylvania Road Trip.

We will have all current collectors issues of Straight In as well as copies of Agent Undisclothed issues 1 and 2 at $4.99 each.


Illustrator & writer Dan Budge

Creators D’Jesse Larsen & Nina Conatty

Toronto Pride Streetfair

Straight In Publications will have a Booth at the 2017 Toronto Pride Street Fair from Friday to Sunday. Come and meet some of the contributors, enjoy some shade, read and review displayer copies of all our releases to date.
Happy Pride!

New comic series release party

Straight In Productions is pleased to announce its new title Agent Undisclothed. Come and enjoy a show like never before!

Dmanda Tension as Agent Undisclothed – The Drag Queen Super Spy of the 70’s whose heels over head has villains seeing red.

Meet the creators, writer and illustrator of this groovy new comic series and purchase your signed copy of issue one.

70s beer prices for Flying Horse: $2 pints!

Straight In: Issue 4 Release Party

Nina & D’Jesse are celebrating their birthdays by releasing Issue 4 of Straight In at Pegasus. We will also have copies of Issues 1, 2 and 3 (some Limited Edition copies will be available)

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