Agent Undisclothed. A mob boss surrounded by two secretaries is sitting at a table. Lou Sampson dressed as a woman is standing beside them and his shadow is pointing a pistol at them.
Straight In. Comic style photo of Nina with a suitcase standing infront of a brick house with a porch.
Heels over head, villains see red
One straight girl, one gay world

About Straight In Publications

With a vision of telling stories about a straight girl living in the midst of Toronto’s gay village, Straight In Publications was founded to tell those stories but the creative team behind the first comic “Straight In” decided they wanted to flesh out the vision of the world that they created and have expanded their offering to “Agent Undisclothed” and “Straight In Steampunk”, two very different but fun projects. "Agent Undisclothed" will be a continuous serial like “Straight In” but the "Steampunk" series will be 4, 6 or 8 issue storylines where the some of the issues of today will be explored in a different time and a different world.

D’Jesse Larsen, the driving force behind the publication, is an entrepreneur by nature and has assembled a dedicated creative team to help nurture Straight In Publications to the exciting chapter where it finds itself today. Everyone involved is driven to deliver a world of memorable characters and real-life experiences which connect with a mass audience while providing something everyone can relate to on a personal level.

Meet Your Creative Team


If he could only remember where he left his keys!


Were it not for Heidi, this whole thing would come to a stop.


An artist by any definition.


A man of many talents.


It’s all about the art board.


He’s got a million good ideas.


She is the centre of attention.


He’s just here for a good time, not a long time.

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